The Technology Center    RescueER     is a computer support service available to
all of our customers. We can help you with a variety of computer-related issues
that include PC tune-ups, hardware and software installation, security and virus
support, new computer set-up, home networking, troubleshooting and repair.
Services can be provided by phone, in your home or business and via the internet.

PC Tune-Up
A PC Tune-Up scans and adjusts a variety of settings on your computer to make
it run faster. In most cases, consultants can remotely log into your computer to
troubleshoot, suggest fixes and provide tips on how to keep your computer
running smoothly. A PC Tune-Up is similar to taking your car into the shop for an
oil change.

The Technology Center    RescueER     computer consultants can assist you with
setting up a home or business network, adding a computer to an existing network,
troubleshooting and repairing your network, firewall support, and configuring
adapters for desktops, gaming consoles, media devices, and more.

New Computer
The Technology Center    RescueER    computer consultants can help you set up
a new computer. This includes installing software and hooking up your computer
with printers, scanners, cameras, MP3 players, gaming consoles, and more.

Computer Operating System
The Technology Center    RescueER    computer consultants can conduct an
extensive diagnosis to discover the cause of a computer crash, lock-up, unusual
slowness, or Internet connectivity problems and can assist you in getting things
running smoothly.

Security & Virus
The Technology Center    RescueER    computer consultants can help protect
your computer with our FREE Online Security package (a retail value of $89.99).
We also support updated licensed security software, check for computer updates,
initiate security scans, detect and remove security threats, and help guard against
viruses, spyware, phishing, malware, and more.

Troubleshooting & Repair
The Technology Center    RescueER    computer consultants can help you identify
what is causing your computer problems and will not only help fix the issues, but
will provide tips to prevent them from happening again.
Corporate Business Rate
$40 per half-hour

Residential Rate
$30 per half-hour

Remote Access Rate

On-Site Travel Rate
Free Service
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