Commercial Network Infrastructures Commercial Network Infrastructure Overview
Commercial Network Infrastructures are the vital piece of all our networking in
the world. From ISP's (Internet Service Providers) to the Corporation that has a
multi-LAN environment. Networks are evolving by the day and the technology
that is being used in these networks is evolving faster.
It is truly a struggle to keep up at times with what you need to know and what
network is right for the application. With that said, there are differences in LAN
Networks that need to be addressed at the design phase. Many items that have
to be implemented and mapped out. These factors are of course taken into
consideration when we design a network for your business. We will set the stage
for what it is you need for your business. Although it may seem that all networks
are the same there is nothing that could be further from the truth. Networks are
not all the same even thought they have basically the same equipment
running the roadway. Commercial Networks are found only in businesses such
as the restaurant that you frequent. The bank that you use and in your
A few Technologies and Topologies used in Commercial Networks are:
•        VPN
•        Site-to-Site VPN otherwise known as PPP
•        Pont-to-Point Connections
•        VOIP Phone Systems
It has been noted in recent years that the networking industry has been in great
demand. Many companies are looking more and more to outsourcing their
network administration duties and maintenance operations. It has made
practical and financial sense to do so. It can save a company hundreds of
thousands of dollars in employees that might be needed in staffing the
organization. is geared for this type of work. Actually we thrive
on it. We can design a new installation and implement that design or we can
jump right into the pre-existing network and evaluate it on site in just a couple
of days and visits. also works with construction
contractors to install CAt5e and CAt6 cable runs into new buildings and
offices. Once again setting the roadway for that future business.
If you have a need for your organization to outsource your network operations
or maybe you need a network technology refresh? Do not hesitate to contact
with us. We have the right solution for you.
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Wi-Fi Wireless Networks Wireless Networks Overview
Professional Wireless Network Installations. provides a wide variety of wireless installations.  
Because not all wireless is created equal you must make sure that you choose
the right component for the job. We perform indoor and outdoor wireless
installations with a wide range of high quality antennas such as Cisco, Motorola,
Deliberant and Tranzeo. You also need to make sure that you choose the right
company for the job. There are major differences between an indoor installation
and an outdoor installation. In a wireless world there are no rules and paths to
follow like in the cables that span our planet... the signals are free to roam.
Because of this, the need for a site surveys is critical. Site surveys tell us if there
is any RF interference that would affect the signal and connectivity strength of
the installation. Not all companies do this, nor do they have the experience.